Stirling Eats: Ground House

I reckon I instagram a coffee-based beverage at least twice a week, and that’s just a law of averages based on the fact I drink at least 3/4 cups a day. That might sound excessive but I have a good old fashioned caffeine addiction and I simply don’t function in the morning without it (or the afternoon…)

My problem isn’t just that I need lots of it, it’s that it has to also be good. I’m a bit of a coffee snob. My name is Lauren and I hate instant coffee. Hi Lauren. Luckily for me, Stirling has a little haven of lovely, good quality coffee – The Ground House.

I’m still struggling to not call it Beanscene as that’s what it was all through my teenage years. I spent hours and hours in there having ‘girly chats’ with school friends or ‘dates’ with floppy haired boys. It hasn’t really changed at all, just scrubbed up a bit with lovelier staff and a cracking menu. Oh and I still go on dates there…

The whole place is decorated like you’re actually inside a cup of coffee, with the addition of some fairy lights and colourful chalk boards. I don’t have many photos of the rest of it because it’s always busy and I don’t want to take photos of people I don’t know…

Everything is pretty damn reasonable price wise, especially for how lovely the coffee is. Food wise, get a Ground House Dog – oh my god. A huge, very tasty hot dog in a bun with bacon, jalopenos, cheese and chilli….mmm. In Summer they have a great outside seating area on King St, I’ve spent many an afternoon baking in the sun with an iced latte.

Just a tip, don’t try and convince yourself you’ll manage one of their incredible cakes after that, go for one or the other – you’ll just let yourself down. They’re always fully stocked with the most ridiculously opulent brownies, home baking and tray bakes. You’ll never find a dry bit of millionaires shortbread though, everything I’ve tried has been really more-ish and tasty.

I realised whilst writing this, that I’ve dotted a few photos with my favourite iced latte (poured over ice, not blended, no syrup or sugar) but I’ve only one photo of an actual flat white. Ohhh their flat white. The best way to enjoy their smooth coffee – delivered roasting hot and straight to your table from a lovely, cheery staff member. Apologies that I’ve not got more photos of them. I suppose I’ll just have to get back in there and have more coffee, what an absolute shame…

Check them out on Facebook here or pop in next time you’re in town and dare to think of having a chain coffee!


One comment

  1. Katie · June 17, 2015

    Ooh I went here when I visited Stirling! I loved it and the staff are super friendly 🙂



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