Hair Mare: Blonde Ambition

This is a hugely shallow post about my hair. Carry on if you enjoy that, I do.

Recently I’ve accepted a fate. During a deep, wine fuelled discussion about which Friends character we each were, it was unanimously decided that I was Rachel. At first I was like ‘maaate I’m Chandler’, but after it was pointed out that I have very little trouble with finding men (just lots of trouble keeping them), I’m an ex-cheerleader (haha I know), I have a serious shopping problem, I spend money like it’s not mine, I waitressed for years, my ankles weigh me down, I send badly judged 3am messages and I have had the same hair style for…forever, I took it. Actually, the more I think about it, there are frightening similarities.

I’m now saved in my flatmate’s phone as ‘Blonde Ambition’ after a nightmare week of hair changes which have left me with a fresh, lighter tone for summer. She’s in mine as Burgundy Sparrow but that’s a whole different story… Anyway, I’ve made some hair changes for the first time in years and you may be looking at these photos thinking, eh Lauren that’s the same as before but for me it’s v different! I had grown out my wintery auburn ombre and I wanted a change.

First stop was my usual hairdresser, who I adore and I’ve trusted with my hair for years and years. I’ve followed him from salon to salon and even used to come back through from Glasgow to get my hair done here in Stirling. This time it just wasn’t what I wanted, and it’s just as much my fault for not being clear and not having the balls to go ’em that wasn’t what I wanted’. The top of my hair ended up very stripy, it just wasn’t me at all. The photos below don’t really show just how bright the blonde was on top, I spent a few days plaiting it onto my head to try and hide it!

The ends were a very bright yellow blonde too, which was just too harsh for my skin. I’ve usually got a bit of a tan (not real, plz) in summertime anyway but it was clashing terribly with my general skin tone and eyes. I walked home from the salon in a total panic and found myself booking an appointment with the Rainbow Rooms for a few days later to get it fixed. Saturday rolled around and I found myself sitting having a really delightful salon experience. Double consultation with my stylist and the head honcho who discussed numbers and tones and made sure I was getting exactly what I wanted. I had a couple of lovely strong coffees, an incredible head massage and the colour work they’ve done is fantastic. The stripes are completely toned down and the ends are a lovely rose gold to ash blonde.

Unfortunately, half an hour later I found myself nearly fainting in Boots. I was having a reaction to the dye. I managed to sit myself down, get some sugary tea and food in me and meet my Gran for our usual Saturday bingo thinking I’d be fine and it would just pass once I had some fresh air. Turns out it got worse and I was having a mild anaphylactic shock. I’m allergic to nuts (amongst a few other things) and I know the signs, so when my tongue felt like it didn’t quite fit in my mouth I started to fairly panic. I called NHS24 and twenty minutes later I was in an ambulance on my way to hospital. They didn’t know if this was it as bad as it was going to get or if it was going to get worse. Oh joy. Turns out I was going to be fine but it wasn’t exactly a fun Saturday. I won’t be letting dye touch my skin again and although the salon did a patch test, I’ll stick to foils and my natural hair on top from now on. The joys of having an ombre hairstyle, no one knows if it’s roots or you meant it.


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