Christmas with the Henderson-Kirks

I should probably try to come up with relevant, amusing puns for my blog titles, but they never really work. ‘A Copper Christmas’ sounded less like an homage to my presents and more like I had a visit from the constabulary.

I’ve just had the nicest few days at home with my family for Christmas and I’m feeling super lucky to have them. Not only have I been spoilt rotten but I’ve had lots of love, hugs and reminders that they are a consistent source of support for me. Smooshy bit over, I know you’re all here for the presents.




I don’t think my Mum and Nanny could have picked better for me! Every single present is perfect and I took great pleasure in rearranging my room to accommodate my new homewares. Is it a late twenties thing to be utterly obsessed with what’s on your mantelpiece?

My iPad mini is mainly for work but I’ve found myself writing this post on it and it’s just so damn handy. I bought a gold and cream flip case from New Look but it’s annoying because it covers the very edges of the screen and I can’t click on some things. I’ve also ordered a nice envelope style one, which is on sale here.I almost spent my Christmas money on a Mulberry case then realised it cost almost as much as the bloody iPad…

The copper L & K are from Oliver Bonas, along with the beautiful copper bottomed glasses which were specifically gifted for my gin habit. The family know me so well. (Shock if there’s an appearance from some Hendricks too.) I need to get the copper champagne flutes from there too…and pretty much everything from the website.


The beauty haul was strong this year with my all time favourite gel moisturiser from Clinique, the best primer money can buy from Clarins and my current make up love, Clinique ‘Even Better’ foundation. It’s such an easy, throw-on-and-go coverage and I have a feeling we’ll be together for a while. I’m wearing just a tiny bit in the photo below, along with the holy grail Clinique High Impact Extreme mascara. It’s not Christmas without some Lush treats and a bit of Chanel either! I’m a Chanel Mademoiselle wearer in winter and an Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess in summer. You can’t beat either of them for staying power and classic seasonal scents.


I just started reading the ‘How to be Parisian, wherever you are’ book I received and there’s a bit about finding your signature perfume and wearing it forever. I think I’m set! The book really is a bedside treat for when you’re feeling a bit lost about yourself. I’ve only skimmed it and already I want to purchase a good trench coat, drink coffee alone at a street cafe and never ever say ‘Bon appetit!’.


This person does.not.exist. If they do and you know them, get them to add me on snapchat please.

In terms of family time, I spent three days at home which was more than usual because I live much closer now. I drank so much champagne and port, ate ridiculous amounts of meat and Yorkshire pudding and cosied up in front of some cracking films/tv. We do dinner in stages, with the starter at about 3ish, a break, dinner at 6ish, another break, then dessert. It’s much easier on the old waistband than one big feed, but I think it might mean I actually eat more, oops. We had whisky smoked salmon, prawns and beautiful pâté then slow roast rosemary and garlic lamb, regular roast lamb and honey maple gammon with alllllll the trimmings. Tina outdoes herself every year, check out the photo of my plate, and that cheeseboard on Boxing Day, oh my. Boxing Day was a bit of a haze of meat and port, but I did excel at family bingo and ended up making a tenner.




I hope this post hasn’t come across as ‘show off-y’ in any way, I know I love to have a nosey at what people have bought or been given for Christmas. I’m very lucky and grateful to have all these lovely things around me, whether that’s the presents or the people who gave me them. Genuinely. That’s not blogger bullshit, I am actually really chuffed.

It also happens to be my birthday in two days so there might well be another one of these posts…


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