Sunday Summary

I love reading blogs on a Sunday night in bed so I thought, hey Lauren, why not post your own little round up? And while you’re at it, try to stop talking to yourself.
This week was my first back at work after Christmas. My new mug (RIP Coffee House Sessions mug) although quite offensive, doesn’t sum up about I feel about being back. I’m loving being busy, even if it is knackering!


I used to get a month off but the University changed semester dates, boo! It means we only had that week to finalise refreshers plans which kicks off tomorrow. In prep for it and it’s winter theme, I had some father-daughter bonding time with George and made these shot skis for the bar!


By Thursday this week we were all feeling it and decided the best way to get over being back…was to go out! Thirsty Thursdays might become a bit of a trend.


My lovely Freshers team girls, who’ve become actual friends of mine not just staff, bought me the above present which was just perfect for me. The Edinburgh Gin elderflower liqueur is so yummy.
We danced the night away and got up to all our usual scandal. I didn’t get home until 8am and work on Friday was one big struggle…
I got home and got really friendly with some beautiful homemade nachos, slippers and Netflix.


By Saturday, I was a lot less hangy and even managed to put on some make up to entertain a boy with homemade nandos, John Hughes movies and Mario Kart. I won one of the tournaments, it didn’t go down so well. Sunday has been spent on my arse watching TV and eating crap with Lauren. I only managed to get productive at about half 8 to make my Travelling Noodles for work and my nails (and a tan, who am I?!) for the week.


I’m up at 6 tomorrow to be in work an hour earlier than usual, it’s our Freebie Fayre tomorrow so hopefully I’ll come home with some goodies from Benefit! I’ll play around with the layout and content of this type of post next Sunday I think, until then, zzz…..


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