What I Wear To Work

This post should be titled ‘How I try to style stripes differently every day’. I wanted to do a little #ootd round up post to show you the kind of things I wear daily at work as a 26 year old working in marketing. I certainly would love to read a post about someone my age who works somewhere in fashion or business to see the difference. I work in a very changeable environment and my job often sends me up ladders, into sticky DJ booths or even that one time I crawled under the nightclub stage to find a cat…

I have to be comfortable but still reasonably smart. I plan my outfits around what I can expect from my day and if I’ve got a meeting with the University or any outside clients I tend to smarten up with a dress and/or blazer. I’m yet to find an outfit that doesn’t immediately look smarter with a blazer. Maybe my trackies…I’ll try it and get back to you. I keep promising a ‘what I do’ post and I will get round to it once I find a way to condense my ridiculously varied role into text.

Autumn/Winter dressing is probably my favourite because although my office is freezing sometimes, I do enjoy a good scarf and pair of cosy boots. I spend a lot of my time buried in Photoshop or behind the scenes of our website and a big scarf means I can cocoon at my desk and get stuck in.

Summer is actually the hardest, the place is like a green house and I have a leather chair – nightmare. I try to cover my shoulders because I always feel a bit more appropriate for work that way. My rose print kimono might as well have been sewn on me in May/June last year.

Freshers/ReFreshers and any kind of event days are when it all goes a bit ‘PR girl’, I don the branded t-shirts to coordinate the team of freshers volunteers (my ‘weans’) and get into the spirit of the dress up nights, any excuse…


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