A Lush Evening

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I’m baaaaack! Here’s my big, silly face incase you forgot what it looked like. I have a feeling that most of my blog posts will start like that. I just simply don’t have the time to post regularly, I’m too busy with my full time job, family to look after and friends to party with. I did manage to find an evening (literally slotted in between work and more work later in the evening) where I could visit the Lush Stirling store with my favourite blog guest, Clare. It’s so exciting to see blogger events in my hometown, and definitely a forgotten market. There are over 10,000 students here, someone needs to start a Stirling blogger network! Maybe they already have and I’ve just been too lazy to google it…

Anyway, we popped down to a little after hours pamper sesh with Lush and I can say from the outset, I am hooked. I’ve always dipped in and out of Lush. When they first came to Glasgow I thought it was amazing, the smell, the colours, the awesome service. Over the years I felt like I grew out of the brand. I opted for higher end skincare and bath products (I still use Chanel soap, it’s glorious) and I just didn’t seem to want to go in. I’m still of the mindset that it’s actually quite expensive, but since I learnt a lot more about the brand, I can see why. I shall elaborate.

We arrived and were thrown straight into a beautiful arm and hand massage with a lovely member of the Edinburgh Lush Spa team. An incredible smelling, grainy (but not scratchy) hot chocolate mixture was rubbed into my skin (much to the delight of my parched, fake baked arms) and I honestly couldn’t tell you what she spoke to me about. I was in another wee world. Heaven!

Clare had her turn and we couldn’t stop stroking our arms afterwards. Truly soft and smooth skin, almost like I’d had my arm waxed. I do remember that they explained how the treatment is done at the spa – it’s called The Comforter. You lie down under a big soft cloud of a duvet, and they do single body parts one at a time, then place them back under the duvet. Can you imagine? I’d be out like a light. I’ve been reading up on the treatments and this is definitely one I’d book. The girls explained that their spa treatments are all aimed at the ‘British’ need for modesty and control, the modesty bit doesn’t bother me a bit (I whip it out for the waxer/tanner all the time) but the control part intrigues me. Ever had a massage and not quite known what was happening? They gently explain during it, I think that sounds fantastic.

What grabs me the most is that each spa treatment has accompanying soundtracks! The Comforter is inspired by Charlie & The Chocolate Factory (Come with meee and we’ll beeee in a world of pure imaginationnn, it’s in your head eh?) and you can hear a little clip here. It’s very dreamlike.

We moved on in our little group to the next station where we learnt how to give hand/arm massages, I think I was pretty good because Clare looked like something out of When Harry Met Sally (she’ll kill me for that). We used my favourite Lush massage bar, Therapy, which was made (and this is adorable) for use on expectant mothers and the little bumps and inward dips symbolise that one in three babies are born with an out-y belly button. It’s a luxe mix of cocoa and shea butters with orange, neroli and lavender oils. I don’t usually like lavender that much, smells like old ladies in M&S but I’ve used this one before and it’s so gently scented and relaxing. You sort of rub them on your hands and they melt like chocolate…but as oil. Not greasy, just moisturising and slide-y. I’ve used them as part of couples massage (oh hello!) and they are a lovely alternative to a bottle of oil, because let’s be honest, it feels a bit seedy doesn’t it?

This has taken a turn so back to my evening! We toured around the rest of the shop and I learnt SO much about the brand. I’m always interested in the ‘behind the scenes’ and Lush’s history (It started off as ‘Cosmetics To Go’, sort of like avon, in the 70s). They put so much time, effort and knowledge into sourcing their ingredients that if they lose a supplier, they pull the product. They won’t do anything by halves, apparently it takes around 3 years to pass all their checks and become a supplier. That would kill me if I worked there because I want everything done yesterday, but I appreciate the effort. I also understand the pricing a bit more now too, I’ve gained a new found respect for their products.


I’ve also fallen in love with one of their Gorilla perfumes and although they are all unisex, this one is definitely a strongly masculine scent. Breath of God just got me. I took a big deep sniff as the girl described how it’s inspired by the wind blowing through some woody trees, then blowing back through burning incense. I didn’t even really want it to wear, I wanted to wake up smelling it on a man’s neck. Is that weird? Probably. Can I justify spending £16 so I can spray it on boys?

We came finally to face masks and skincare, with the lovely Iona, and I broached a new subject for my skin…ageing. ARGHHHH. Yeah ok, let’s go for it, I’m 26 and I want to start thinking about anti-ageing. Probably should have years ago to be honest, but I still get ID’d for lottery tickets. I’m struggling with the concept, not because the idea of getting old scares me, but because I don’t want to ‘anti’ my skin anything, I just want to support it on it’s little journey. I’ve been pretty bad to it over the years (I sleep with make up on pretty much every night, I KNOWW) and it’s time for some TLC.


Annoyingly I’m allergic to nuts, and although I don’t know for sure if having them in my skincare would kill me, it’s not a risk I’m willing to take. This meant I was a bit of a pain in Lush because they use almond in a lot of their masks, but Iona managed to hook me up with a huge pot (thank you!) of Cupcake which is a chocolate based fresh face mask. Fresh means it lives in the fridge and won’t last, but I’m ok with that, I’ve always been funny about best before dates anyway. It has cocoa powder to draw out impurities, fresh mint to stimulate and tone and cocoa butter to moisturise. Sounds absolutely ideal and like the bad blogger I am, I haven’t tried it yet. I’ll report back. Might even give it it’s own post if it’s good enough!


Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 19.48.42

So I’m definitely back being a huge Lush fan after all that, and not just because I skipped off with a bag full of lovely freebies to try (Golden Slumbers bath bomb, a very pink sparkly lip balm, my Cupcake mask and a Sugar Scrub bar). I’m looking forward to finishing my mask and going back in for my next one. I’ll definitely take the time to speak to one of the incredibly knowledgeable staff who you don’t feel are selling you the actual product, but more explaining its benefits and the background to its creation. I also need to start saving for a Lush spa treatment day with the girls and get myself under that duvet!

Thanks to Lush and Iona for the invite, I can’t wait for the next one. Foot massages yeah?


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